Ethan Rose, Badminton Player, New Court, Birthday

My Own Court

Still can’t quite believe it, but for my 18th Birthday this year I got my very own badminton court, which my dad, with his skills from working in the construction industry enabled him to build the court single handedly with financial and materials support from sponsors and local building merchants.

Over the last couple of years my parents have been looking for somewhere to put a court as the challenges of getting onto a court locally for training consistently has been an ongoing issue. There are very few badminton specific halls in the country and although we have one within an hour from us, the constant traveling time reduced my training day along with the cost of the courts. Now with the pandemic, local courts have been changed to gyms when open and even some Elite designated centres are unable to open. I have, however been allowed to train as an Elite athlete at other designated centres which I am extremely grateful for and will continue to access around my training schedule. Having said all that, consistency of training is vital for progression and finding whatever means to achieve that became a priority for my parents and even more so in these difficult times.

During the very first lockdown in March 2020 when the pandemic struck, I experienced kind of having my own court albeit outdoors! I guess it was fortunate that the weather was actually really good because my dad managed to build me half a full size court in the garden. Of course being outside had its challenges, the wind particularly became quite amusing on some days but I was still able to practice most days and continue with full movement and training.

So, two to three months prior to christmas, my dad found a barn that was perfect to be converted into a badminton court and so the journey of having my own badminton court began. It was actually a hay barn with half a concrete floor, full of cow pat and farm equipment. After clearing out the barn, a new concrete floor was laid, followed by all of the sides being insulated and boarded to make walls. Lights were then added down the side of the court followed by a wooden grid sprung floor all lined out, with posts and net finally being added. 

It was a little chilly in there the first week, but to be honest I didn’t really care as was so happy to be hitting, but we now have some heating and it is just an amazing space to spend my days training. I feel truly lucky to be in such a position and can’t thank my parents enough, particularly my dad for making it happen.

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